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Draft horse being ridden

sugarbush draft horse | ... original Sugarbush Draft Stallion, Sugarbush Harley's Classic O

Apollo,, sugar bush draft horses

the spotted draft horse | RC STEEGES DANCING REATTA***SOLD

the spotted draft horse | Commander - Black Tobiano Spotted Draft Stallion by Beckers ...

Neck Up mounting on a draft horse

chestnut Belgian draft horse

colorful pictures of draught horses | Jutland Horse Breeding Program

Byelorussian Harness Horse, also known as White-Russian Draft is a medium-sized draft horse suitable for Byelorussian area. It was created by crossing the native horses with imported ones, Dole horse was the most prominent breed but also some heavier breeds were used. Nowadays BHH's are quite rare as they're not needed in agriculture and forestry any more. They're used for milk and meat production. The most common colors are said to be bay, dun and chestnut.