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La mejor manera de posar.

I really like this idea. A board with movable notes and you can color code by category and/or urgency. #Urgency

I hate that me being friendly and polite is constantly mistaken as me flirting.

use a vision board to manifest your dreams

My motivational board! Includes: "I am beautiful because"...."Once I reach my goal I will feel...", quotes to keep me inspired, and a calender to keep track of my workouts! 6 workouts in a row get me a pampering reward :) I GOT THIS!

Use this template or make your own list of questions! Get your kids involved and engaged in a fun family discussion!

from Very Erin

How to Balance Blogging With a Full-Time Job

How to Balance Blogging With a Full-Time Job | Blogging and Business | Career - Very Erin Blog

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time; it’s a portion of your life you’ll never get back.