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Mr. Peabody, Sherman & the way back machine. Gosh! Guess I was a nerd addict even back then....way back.

Am looking for this exact old sewing stand to put glass on for my pink room. Of course I will paint it pink/

Pineapple Marguerite Dessert. Canned pineapple rings on top of marshmallows. I wonder if this was named after Marguerite Patten, the queen of bad recipe vintage recipes. (Good Housekeeping, 1951)

Love it when I'm on my way back from my cousins bday and we see a bunch of cars like these.

Frito Bandido pencil toppers

Pillsbury’s European Recipe Service Did you know Pillsbury’s Best Flour had a European Recipe Service? In 1953, they tempted Americans with this towering, layered Genoise – the cake of Genoa. Buono!

Disney MGM Studios (now known as Hollywood Studios) in Orlando, FL

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