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Let not the dragon be my guide. From blog on the New Age Movement -

Polysoon (Lysoon) - "wolves' God", deity, that patronized and protected the wolves, helped equable distribution of beasts of prey on the Earth. Also he told to the wolves where the ill animal was, that they had to eat. etc.... Also Polisoon was the God of trade by animals in East Slavic lands. By legend, the howling of the wolves was the pray to this God and asking of him the food. Polisoon was shown as human, that had not the shadow. People believed that this god had the wife Lisoonka…

The Goddess Pele- growing up in hawaii pele was all around, goddess of fire, creation, new earth- she is fierce- like kali. call upon pele for protection, creation, benediction, she will burn away all fear by her divine alchemy.

Arduinna - Celtic goddess of the moon, forests and the wild woods. She rules over the woodlands and the animals. She protects human hunters and wild boars, maintaining a sacred balance between them.