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Why Supernatural Still Matters, 200 Episodes Later

Oh my god, they are just as close to brothers in real life then SPN... Excuse me while I go curl up in a hole and cry my eyes out

Asian dont like eye contact!!! i literally have to track their eyes down!!!! my gosh!hahaha

[gifset] we're not the lose-chesters! ~ Jared ... LOL ^_^ #SDCC15 || Jared Padalecki || Jensen Ackles || Misha Collins || Comic Con 2015 #SDCC

"I'd rather have you." "I wanted you back." I think that's Winchester for, "I love you, brother."

Teen Wolf - Stiles -- This whole thing just broke my heart. I hate seeing Stiles in pain like this, he's my favorite character and I don't ever want anything bad to happen to him. Props to Dylan though he did an amazing job in this episode with the whole losing his mind thing.

Twitter / Conzo36: Three Days Grace > ...

In which Rob Benedict is all of us.