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[2 Koreans in their mourning dress] 1904. When mourners went outdoors, they wore a long coat over their mourning dress. The coat sleeves differed in width according to social class: wider sleeves for upper classes and narrower sleeves for lower classes. All mourners wore conical hats made of finely-cut bamboos on the outside and of sedge on the inside.e They carried a 'poson' (fan made from hemp cloth) in order to cover their faces.

18th Century, Korean fabric armor for common foot-soldier (Hemp, copper alloy, and iron), Metropolitan Museum of Art. This type of armor is called Mokmyeongap (목면갑) or Myeongap (면갑) in Korean, meaning cotton armour.

Sungnyemun (숭례문 (崇禮門))

Namdaemun(1904) - Willard Dickerman Straight / 남대문(1904) - 윌러드 디커맨 스트레이트