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My sister Karen Smothers and me in October, 1959, next to our home in New Itaewon, on the lower southeastern slope of Namsan Mountain, south of Seoul, Korea. The photographer is facing south. In the background to the right is Yongsan, where the US 8th Army Compound is located. The ground where my sister and I are standing is now part of Namsan Park & to our left off-picture is the site of the modern day Grand Hyatt Hotel. Leroy Smothers.

Lowering the Japanese flag, Korea 1945 | From a photo album bought on eBay. The book itself is a Japanese Flying Officer's Logbook from WW2. The photo is securely taped into the book, with caption: "Jap flag lowering at the Capitol, Kyongsong." The owner of this album got to Jinsen, Korea on Sept. 8,1945, and left sometime in October '45. A pivotal moment in Korean history.

Seoul, Dec 1966, looking east, Pugaksan, city wall and North Gate. Photo by Stephen Dreher.

iew from Capitol Bldg steps, Seoul, 15 Sept 1955