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14 in battleship HMS Duke of York, victor over Scharnhorst at the Battle of North Cape in December 1943, pictured earlier that year off Iceland.

The battlecruiser HMS Hood steaming into battle against the German battleship Bismarck in 1941

The strange but deadly ironclad ships of the U.S. Civil War

1864 Union gunboats DeKalb, Mound City and Cincinnati in the Mississippi River.

civilwar ironclads | Civil War Ironclad USS ‘Monitor’ Launched. | American Civil War ...

Forward view from atop 8 in heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen's control tower. A participant in two of the most celebrated naval episodes of WW2 (the Bismarck saga of 1941 and the 'Channel Dash' of 1942), she surrendered intact at Copenhagen in May 1945 and was subsequently expended as a target during US nuclear tests.

USS Idaho (BB-42) Fires the 14/50 guns of Turret Three at nearly point-blank range, during the bombardment of Okinawa, 1 April 1945

Lt. John F. Kennedy's PT-59, photographed in an unspecified location near Vella Lavella and Choiseul, played a key role in the diversionary mission at Choiseul Island in early November 1943. (John F. Kennedy Library)