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Frida coffee cup with gorgeous black and white drawing..... PolonaPolona, Cups with Personality..... Frida, daughter of the revolution lover of long embroidered skirts and monkeys, spends her time painting "self-portrait with peasant braids and flowers in hair", attracted to heavyweight artists, tweezerless.

SISI, the tattooed one.... porcelain coffee cup, 25cl, black and white illustration .... Polonapolona, the cups with character... Sisi, the tattooed one, has the loveliest hair in business, avidly collects hair trinkets, loves sail boats and vigorous aerobics, blessed with overbearing mother in law, on diet. Sisi says : “kafet je ta bolš arcnija” (which is slovene for: “coffee cures all ills” )

JOHANN WOLFGANG, the one with golden touch .... polonapolona, cups with personality .... JOHANN WOLFGANG, the one with golden touch Progenitor of the brilliant idea of selling ones soul to the devil in exchange for sex, money and glory, romantic, before it was fashionable, organizes his travels according to blooming of lemon trees as he finds them cute, light lover. Johann says : “die neuen leiden mit kaltem kaffee.” (which is german for “the unique sorrows of cold coffee”)

SIGMUND, the psychoanalyst.... coffee cup with witty black and white drawing.... PolonaPolona, cups with personality.... Sigmund, the psychoanalyst owner of the worlds most famous sofa, has well analysed id, ego and super ego, loves his mother with a force of antique hero, avid interpret of dreams. Sigmund says : “kaffee macht freudig” (which is german for: “coffee makes one joyful” and also a great pun ) - rundholz mode, rundholz black label, rundholz dip Rundholz black label Winter 2015 Langarm-Tunika/Kleid "spray...

Coffee cup with black and white drawing, 25cl - CLINT - the good one