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After everything we've been through, we've come such a long way. I'm happy to be finally living our dreams together ❤️ love you more than words can explain #myking

1. This picture is adorable 2. I love love love her huge sock bun! I would look ridiculous with that.

@dwyanewade face after I told him about my beer pong prowess... my #MCM ♡♡♡

from Etsy

Yoga Apparel for the Adventurous Heart by LuxxCultureCo

How do you feel about reading out loud? Because I, personally, LOVE being read to! Read to me while we cuddle and you scratch my back and I'll be the happiest person on the planet. A good back scratch goes a long way just fyi....

when your boyfriend cuddles you because he can tell your upset about something

“Living good. And clearly eating good #chubbydraya #imonvacation #thefoodisfree #eatingeverythinginsight #jamaicamon”

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8 Real Proposals, As Told By Instagram

“Early morning..😴😩 #needcoffee My baby isn't sleeping for days..😓 #mommyissues So good morning to the other people, but not for me!😫😅 #bridetobelux…”