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In Alternate Universe, Homeless Donald Trump Still a Narcissistic Douchebag

Keep the Clinton Crime Family out of The Whitehouse. Vote Trump for President!

Donald Trump is a pervert and a bully, and those are just 2 of the reasons why he is totally unfit to be POTUS! #VoteBlueAlways #ClintonKaineForAmerica

"We need to elect Republicans to,keep our daughters safe from pervert men wearing wigs barging into women's restrooms." This is called irony folks...

This is utterly disgusting. She is degrading herself but she's also PROUD of it. Anyone who supports Trump, especially to this degree, requires psychiatric evaluation. Not kidding. These folks are a hotbed of personality disorders.

Exactly Who America needs in charge. A man of God.... who ask for the people to pray for God to heal our land. ❤ Thank you, Sir

pls don't follow me if you're homophobic/racist/ transphobic/ voting for donald trump okay thank you

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VIDEO : Donald Trump’s Statement About 2005 Audio Recording Controversy (10/8/16)

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Liberals' Video Proof Of Trump's 'Disrespect' After Debate — Just 1 Problem

Liberals’ Video Proof Of Trump’s ‘Disrespect’ After Debate — Just 1 Problem