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3 Simple Classroom Management Tips You Can Try Tomorrow

You Oughta Know about some Classroom Management tips. Behavior BINGO works beautifully to get kids to work together for a common goal.

Pick a Partner cards

Choosing partners can be a daunting task for teachers and students alike. These cards are a fun, random way to help with assigning partners in the classroom!

Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom

Fun (and free!) countdown timers for the classroom! Read this blog post on Corkboard Connections to find out where to download these timers and more and some tips for using them in the classroom.

Having a set of "Line-Up" cards is a great tool for teachers to use during their line-up procedures! Pulling a card would save the time it would take to think of one.

Use yoga to calm down your students, for daily physical activity time and getting ready to work. Find out more on my first grade blog

Learning about Classroom Transitions

Teach students about transitions within the classroom. Set rules and expectations in your classroom early on. Behavior Basics curriculum for students with special needs and autism