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DIJON - A1098013 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/01/16 **AMAZING AVERAGE RATING!** A volunteer writes: My first walk of the day and I’m already in love with this sweet boy. So quiet in his kennel, his inviting soft face is welcoming. He’s leashed easily, and out we go. Sweet and placid on leash, his first stop is taking care of his ‘business’, and we’re off to the park. Dijon is a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind of a

I just love how he says "before fetus Dan appears" as if it's some kind of rare pokemon species completely separate from current Dan

They had to have a long conversation after filming this scene about whether or not the wand would explode.

Beautiful is the woman who knows people, places and things don't define her. She is defined by her acts of loving kindness and a generous heart. - Michael Chatman

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Take heart, Hufflepuffs! Eddie Redmayne is here for you...btw I am Hufflepuff too ! And proud !

11/16/16- Houston area - “I know what you’re thinking.. How could a gorgeous hunk of a boxer/plott hound mix who wound up at a shelter also love all things people and dog?? Right?? It’s just my nature. I haven’t always been treated kindly because of the way I look. I killed all that hate with kindness. I strongly suggest you do the same. Love Wins!!” Loki is available for adoption through Joyrides Rescue.