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How to get rid that nasty cold ASAP

I guess I’m lucky that this doesn’t happen to me all the often. I probably come down with a cold about twice a year. But when I do, I want it gone, ASAP.

THE VALUE OF OILING YOUR FEET Another pinner said "During my years of study with Guru ji (Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati), he often told students to oil their body with sesame or coconut oil as a way to bring healing and quiet to the nervous system. He would suggest oiling just prior to sleeping so that the oil had an opportunity to soak into the skin over night. According to Ayurveda, the practice of oiling gives a calm and tranquil feeling to the body and mind."

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3 Homemade Hair Tonics for Strong, Healthy & Shiny Hair

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The 3 Best Back Stretches

So many of us suffer from back pain, but have you tried stretching it out? Check out these three stretches for your back:

Sameera Moussa (سميرة موسى‎) (March 3, 1917-August 5, 1952) أول عالمة ذرة مصرية ولقبت باسم ميس كوري الشرق، وهي أول معيدة في كلية العلوم بجامعة فؤاد الأول، جامعة القاهرة حاليا .قـُـتِلت/اغتيلت عام (1952) م في أمريكا.