Are you ready to head back to school yet? Here are 9 ways that you can start the year off right. These strategies will help you set the foundation for your classroom and create a space where you and your students will want to be every day of the school year.

On the sidewalks near a school the day before school starts. We did this last year and the parents loved it!

This Back to School ebook is loaded with tips, tricks and freebies, created by the teachers at Upper Elementary Snapshots. Perfect for any teacher focusing on starting the year off right! Happy Back to School!

I've GOT This! Some words of encouragement to help teachers get back to school.

Introduce classroom routines slowly at the beginning of the year to reduce stress and anxiety. I've got 3 ideas to help you do this!

We created a FREE 49 slide PowerPoint interactive activity that will help explain the components of the Daily 5 to our students. The students will be actively learning through think-pair-share and whole group discussions. We hope this will be a great way to start the year for ourselves and our students!

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