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I'm recruiting for my team ❤ I'm looking for you ❤ Want info? Message me ❤

Let's play another really fun game! This game is like duck duck goose, but with a 'Younique' twist ;-) Start commenting with the word LONG and I'm going to set a timer. When my timer goes off (could be in an hour, or 2 days) then I will come in and post LASHES (without looking at the last comment), and the person who commented just before me will win! It's a secret prize, so let's have some fun! ****PLUS everyone who participates will get 30 points added to their running party points

If you asked me what my favorite product from Younique is I would have to say the Rose Water! It is amazing! I use it every day after I wash my face at night before bed. My skin LOVES it So many different uses for it. This is my cannot live without product If you want to take the 14 challenge and try it out for yourself click the pic! #younique #makeup #skincare #cosmetics #beauty #rosewater #

Younique 3D fiber lash mascara: Start your day off with 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! Simply Amazing!

Ladies-- running low on your Younique makeup? Or would you like to try Younique? FREE SHIPPING to all gals that order directly through me! Message me if you are interested in bulk ordering with me!

Want FREE makeup?! Host a Younique Facebook party with me! All online, no cleaning your house ;) Go to:

Starting today, I am hosting a Mystery Hostess Party. Everyone who places an order will be put in a drawing to win ALL THE HOSTESS REWARDS ( FREE MAKE UP AND HALF OFF ITEMS!!) The only way this works is if it's a qualifying party which is $200 in sales. So the more orders, the more rewards. It's so simple! Feel free to share this party. More the merrier I will choose the winner in 10 days Feb 22. Here's the link to the party…

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