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Proofreading - Task Cards

This PDF file is a set of 21 task cards about types of errors that students commonly check for when they are proofreading their work. The topics i...

Sentence Editing Task Cards

Included in this product are 126 Sentence Editing Task Cards in color and 126 black and white). These task cards are prefect for morning work or even for centers activities. They have helped my students improve their spelling and writing skills.

Over 250 Writing Prompts/Journal Topics on Task Cards (Alligned with the CCSS)

This is a very extensive list of writing prompts. There are over 250 prompts and they're broken down into categories. Use them for:Bell Ringers (Do Now Activities)Students who complete their work earlyExtra Credit Writing AssignmentsWriting CentersThe task cards are aligned with the common core state standards for grades 5-12This file contains a PDF copy of my 250 writing prompts/journal topics in task card format.I would print them out on stock card paper (colored or white) and laminate…

Task Cards for the novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles

There are 48 cards all together in this task card set and an additional 4 blank cards for you to write in any prompts you'd like to add to the set.

Greatest Common Factor Task Cards

GCF Task Cards includes 30 task cards, recording sheets, an answer key, and a game board. These task cards will be a great addition to your math centers. They

Short Story Task Card Bundle

This growing bundle includes 16 sets of short story task cards that are currently available in my TpT store. That's 85 pages of task cards. If you bought all of these task card sets separately it would cost $37.25. Buying this bundle will save you over 50% off the price.

60 Geometry 2D Figures & Coordinate Planes Task Cards 5th Grade INK SAVER FSA

60 Geometry 2D Figures & Coordinate Planes Task Cards INK SAVER Version FSA Style Questions***Please Note: These task cards are the same set as the other color set. I just changed the backgrounds in this set so they did not use colored ink. There are colored images that will print well in black and white. ($)

Commanding and Telling Sentences Foldable and Activities

Students were given different types of sentences. As a group we decided which sentences could be put on the telling sentences poster. Good review!

Generic Reading Response Cards for Journals, Lit Circles, Etc