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"I'm a 2nd grade teacher and today I decided to dress up a little and wear lipstick and one of my students said "Ms. T, you look like a princess today". Made my heart melt. "

"2015: The year everyone was offended by everything. 2016: The year that everyone you thought you knew showed you exactly who they really are."

from Notey

Top 25 Inspirational Quotes for Teens

Are you successful? What does that word mean to you? Unlimited wealth, “toys” as far as the eye can see, or family gatherings at your cottage on the lake? Success is a state of mind, and I would like to help you Succeed! Be

Love seeing you guys posting excerpts of my book. This is my book, Dear Soul: Love After Pain. It's all about healing and raising your vibrations. This book is deep, for all people and empowers the reader to grow. If you want yours just click the link in my bio.

"I don't understand why I must love someone because we are blood . I literally don't like the majority of my family . I'm tired of "they are your family " so they auto get a pass ?"