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It's about time. "I can't control what life does to me - but I can control how I react to what life does!"

First, he blows some bubbles and, as expected, the kids all pop them. Then, he challenges them to NOT pop the bubbles even if one lands on the tip of their nose. Introduce the concept of self control and launch a discussion about stopping to think before you act. Dustin refers to it as a "bullet" in your year that you can refer back to again and again. "Think about that time when we didn't pop the bubbles..."

.---Dude, this is me. continued: me: and if I refuse? dark me: you won't. me: hah, well, can't argue with you there~~~!

Circle of Control I think it is crucial to teach children at a young age that they cannot stress about things out of their control. I know personally, it took me a very long time to grasp this concept because I was never taught as a young student. This will help with mental health issues in that students will learn how to manage their anxieties.

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