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The Pacific Northwest is an absolutely stunning part of the country, and it happens to be home to a place known as Thor's Well, which looks as if it's come straight out of the pages of a comic book. It appears as if the Pacific Ocean is being drained away

Give thanks to Him who maketh great lights, for His lovingkindness endureth forever. O cause a new light to shine upon Zion, may we be worhty to delight in its splendor. Blessed art Thou, O LORD, Creator of the Heavenly lights.

pink desert Libya---On the surface of the sand free corridors among the great dunes of the southern part of the Great Sand Sea lie one of the most enigmatic mysteries of the Libyan Desert - chunks of green through yellow to white Libyan Desert Glass (LDG), a mineral made up of almost 100% pure silica in an amorphous, glassy state.

Totally Breathtaking Trails To Hike Before You Die: Havasu Falls in Havasupai; Grand Canyon, Arizona: “ it’s so beautiful. Hiking 10 miles through the desert on the bottom of the canyon, then you pass a Native-American burial ground and come up over a cliff with a giant turquoise waterfall. So awesome.”

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