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KMF, each year near the place i live... So nice!

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Honest Myth:Celtic- Sulis

Every person is a wondrous, sacred, creation. Every plant, rock, tree, everything seen and unseen, is unique and beautiful. The purpose of life might be best described as: to live in harmony with nature, to develop our personal and spiritual potential, to be aware of and to manifest the inherent divinity within us all, and finally to help all people to do the same. skymomma

Exactly! Discrimination and ignorance go hand and hand. Religious tolerance. Love and light to all :)

13 days of solstice. Certainly a different way to look at the holiday and the days following it.

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Wiccan Info: The Fifth Element, Akasha

Wiccan pentacle. The symbol of the pentagram depicted within a circle is a powerful element of any Wiccan spell A Wiccan Pentacle is the symbol of the pentagram within a circle on a flat disk of a natural material, typically wood (often oak), wax, metal, clay or stone. A simple, yet beautiful, magical tool that may be used as the focus of many Wiccan Spells and Rituals

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If prayer is awkward

Some Pagans find prayer an easy and natural part of their practice. I’m the other sort. I spend a lot of my time writing about things I find difficult, because I find it makes for more fertil…

This doesn't mean I don't believe in a higher power-it just means what I believe isn't exactly what I was fed growing up

Invoking the Cailleach Embracing the Cailleach can be a step towards embracing our own potentials as purple-clad, powerful Crones ourselves. Collect a variety of rocks with which to decorate your altar. A wonderful way to do this is to walk along a beach or take a nice hike, walk listen and smell nature as best you can where you are able to do so., A spiritual magical hike, a kind of meditative state, make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times. let her messages be clearly...

Celtic Symbols and what they mean. Great for helping to write descriptions on listings.