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#LookUpNY Answer Day 78: The Standard Oil Building at 26 Broadway is one of the gems of Lower Manhattan. Designed by Carrère & Hastings, who were also the architects of the @New York Public Library's main building on Fifth Avenue. The building is topped with a 480-foot tower capped with a gigantic cauldron that burned kerosene 24 hours a day!

#LookUpNY Day 78: Which downtown building is capped with a giant flammable oil lamp?

#LookUpNY Answer Day 37: Look closely at the terra-cotta monogram "SC" on the beautiful Beaux-Arts building at 620 Sixth Avenue. What does it mean? The answer can be found in the most inconspicuous of places: On the brick rear wall facing the neighboring vacant lot on the building's 19th Street side. There, the name is ever-so-faintly spelled out on a faded, painted ghost sign. Here was once New York's largest department store.

#LookUpNY Day 86: Which Fifth Avenue building is a gift that keeps on giving?

#LookUpNY Answer Day 86: The greatest gift of all was bestowed upon New Yorkers in 1917, when architect William Welles Bosworth converted a mansion at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street into the prominent New York home of the House of Cartier. Today, the giving continues: the Cartier building wraps itself as a present each year at the holidays.

#LookUpNY Answer Day 71: Paris may have the Louvre and the Hotel de Ville, but New York has the Surrogate’s Court (31 Chamber Street), which with its fanciful Beaux Arts styling and mansard roof would give any one of the French capital’s buildings a run for their money.

#LookUpNY Day 65: Which luxury condo building was once the police headquarters for all of New York City?