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I think animal abuse should be just as punishable as child abuse. Animals are just as innocent as children. Half the time they don't even understand what's going on. And they can't speak. 4/3

Check out this infographic on the dire state of the illegal wildlife trade and get inspired to help.

These 33 Powerful Images Will Stop You In Your Tracks... And Open Your Eyes.

Click here to see 33 powerful animal advertisements. They will grab your attention and make you think about who and what you support.

For us to allow this it is wrong & most people agree that it is wrong - but we still can't even treat humans any better than this & a lot of the horrible treatment is in the name of religious ideologies.

Im against animal cruelty quotes animals quote awareness I am far from PETA but I hate people that abuse animals for fun or just becuase!!!

I really do!!! I would give anything to be rich so that I could take in every animal known to man. I would! I would save them all & I would try to put a stop in animal abuse. My life dream is rescue all of God's creatures & take care of them like I know I can.