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Gillian Flynn on 6 Dark Books That Actually Scare *Her*

Literarily speaking, we worship at the dark altar of Gillian Flynn. But what's a murky mystery-loving girl to do when she's already powered through all three of Flynn's novels—Gone Girl, Dark Places, and Sharp Objects—and still has a ways to go till the awesome movie versions come out? Read the scary books that actually give Flynn the heebie-jeebies, of course. So we went straight to the source. "I've always had a fondness for the Gothic," Flynn said. "That's what kind of stories attract me…

Jesus IS the Rescuer! This World can not Save you. Call Upon JESUS! You can go Straight to the God Over All Heaven and Earth. He is Both Able and Willing to Rescue you!

Using a cross in your worship is idolatry and a pagan form of worship. Jesus died on a stake (one pole, straight up and down). The original Greek word is "stauros", rendered "torture stake". Why wouldn't the "churches" know better? Satan is quite crafty. He's been recycling Pagan ideas and repackaging them into Christendom for centuries. It takes just a little research to learn the truth...and it is totally worth the effort!

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