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You know...the two people who claimed to be experts on love (Anna and the Trolls, although Kristoff claimed them to be) were the people who thought love could be found in a day. The third person to say he was a love expert, who seemed so silly and dumb that nobody believed him, turned out to be the love expert of the movie. XD

If you dont like it, oh well! The cold never bothered me, anyway! (Okay, maybe a LITTLE...)

Dudes if Elsa had fire powers then anna wouldn't have the white hair....she'd have a scar on her face like Zuko!!!!


Best dog tag ever…

too funny


In-your-face Poster

Lol send kids outside the classroom to tell someone that they did something great.... I'm outstanding!

Keep Calm and Give warm hugs. -Olaf from Frozen!! Would be cute on shirts for party favors lol

When things aren't adding up in your life, start subtracting.

Betrayal comes from the ones closet to us and whom we love. Yep... Sadly, isn't that the truth? and the truth is that we will betray others the question is. can we pick ourselves up and keep moving?