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The right thing being to go to bed and get more than two hours sleep rather than staying up all night reading XD

When I first started watching Supernatural, I kept thinking Sam was Dean. It took me a full season to really grasp who was who. Then I remembered that Jared played Dean on Gilmore Girls. And it all made sense.

That song was my ringtone for the longest time because of that episode lol

Funny Minions from Louisville (09:15:44 PM, Saturday 03, September 2016 PDT) –…

Part of the reason I take so many photos and scrapbook!

Ichigo and Rukia I would like to see Ichigo say this to Orihime. Gosh, I hate Orihime.

Spencer is telling Alison that her own mother wore that same dress to Alison's'(her) funeral. This was an awkward and weird scene to watch. It was such a twist to see Alison attending her moms funeral after her mom attended hers in the same dress. I love how Spencer always creates tension between the girls and never is afraid to tell it how it is. I thought this scene was significant and rather different, I didn't see this coming.-Season 4

Derek: There's a kid looking for you... Kid: Daddy? Mark: What?! Hahahah Grey's Anatomy quotes