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Tension rods can be used to hang shower curtains, bath towels, and... what else? Truth be told, this inexpensive household item is clearly underestimated. There are so many ways to put tension rods to use, and there's evidence to prove it. People have taken on the challenge of finding the best possi

Oh how I dream about these lockers being this clean again! 😣😣 Winter in Colorado with 4 kids consists of many winter jackets, snow boots, gloves, mittens, scarves, snow pants, sweatshirts and beanies all strewn about... ofcourse! Because super smart me thought it would be such a cute idea to have open lockers! Really self. Really? Open lockers with 4 kids?! What was I thinking?!! Clearly, I was not. Unless ofcourse you get the VERY rare occasion where I clean this entire area and for…

Is your closet stuffed and overflowing? Do you hate having "nothing to wear"? It's time to tackle the 2 week closet clean out challenge!

SOOO clever! When empty, use your laundry soap containers for water storage (for CLEANING purposes only!) Use for washing dishes, hands, & more...be SURE to clearly mark it "For Cleaning only!" Awesome idea!!

Absolutely LOVE THIS! 5 Bathroom Hacks to Keep Organized! These are so simple and super smart! Includes organizing ideas for make up, flat irons, hair spray and products, toilet paper, bath toys and more!

Colour coded chemical buckets can be used with CPS Brushes and CPS Work Station. These are 5 litre storage and dispenser buckets for Ink Cleaners, Stencil Removers, Degreasers and Haze Removers. The CPS colour coded system brings organisation to the screen printing room to clearly identify the product being used, whilst ensuring other cleaning chemicals do not become contaminated.

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