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Beyond the Table

(via) I hope everyone’s had a delicious Thanksgiving! In DC, we had a snowstorm come through and I’m not sure how much it disrupted travel for people later in the day, but for us, we weren’t supposed to fly out til Wednesday around noon but we were able to thankfully move it to early morning (7am) on Wednesday. That also meant we had to wake up at 3:45am to be at their airport around 5. Let’s just say I slept…

Someone asked me how I can love a friend who I've never seen! I said....I have never seen the wind, but I feel it, I love the wind in my face and a gentle warm breeze can touch my heart! That's why I love you without seeing you! To my friend on Pinterest who I do not know in person but I love dearly・゚✧ღ

From Neutrals to All Out Sparkle, Make Your Home Truly Shine this Holiday

Neutral decor that will transform into a perfect space for the holidays #sponsored:Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography - Read More on SMP:

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Abraham Hicks ~ How to allow the things you want / Art Of Allowing. The Big Picture, Deliberate Creation Emotions. Momentum,