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Time to clean your dryer ducts and prevent fires ~ every six months, just like replacing smoke detector batteries.  Great safety precaution and your dryer will be more efficient

Cleaning out dryer ducts. The good news is our 30 year old dryer ducts will not start a fire in our home. Bad news is I destroyed the vinyl ductwork when it ripped in the wall. Be careful, or this becomes a much bigger project than anticipated!

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Red cupboard with cutesy red patterned dishes on top.  Oh my! rooms-i-dream-of

Red cupboard with cutesy red patterned dishes on top. I think I want my sewing room to have a red cabinet.

Cut door in half add shelves. Lovely corner detailing/storage

Old door cut in half and turned into a corner shelf. Corner shelf from an old door. Simply cut the door in half and add hinges or nails, and shelves. Be sure to add a low shelf near the floor to help stabilize and prevent tipping.

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