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A beautiful rose with individual petals and a easy-print, strong stem. Perfect for Mothers day, Valentines day, or in a nice vase around the home! 3D Printer Superstore will have these roses available for purchase for Mothers day.

3D printed! Nice gift for Mother's Day!

This cute keychain is a way to feel just a little more confident when walking to your car in a bad part of town. My mother asked me to create one of these for her, as she feels safer when she has it in her purse. Now you can too!

This is a simple ornament for your easter tree or for whatever you want to use it. Simply print it and bring some easter feeling into your home! Supports are needed at the bottom of the egg, but not inside it for the top to look good. There may be some small overhangs, but they don´t matter when you print it at the size of a real easter egg.

8 May is Mother's Day! Give your mother something special, in 3D printed! Contact us.


A unique presentation at the Print Expo will demonstrate innovative new building construction methods and printers from Russian firm Spetsavia.

Original gifts for Mother's Day. Contact us via

I think he would be a perfect planter for a cactus!!

Chupacabra Skeleton 3d printed