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Will Trump’s use of eminent domain come back to haunt him?

Will Trump’s use of eminent domain come back to haunt him? The Vera Coking house dwarfed by Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. The house was the focus of a high-profile eminent domain case involving Donald...

Eminent Domain used to pave the way for a foreign company, transporting foreign oil to a port to be exported. Think the government works for you? They are endangering our water supply, and our citizens, and violating treaties to enrich a corporation.

Crooked Donnie... found himself embroiled in a court battle with retired woman Vera Coking when he tried to get the city of Atlantic City to condemn her house using the power of eminent domain, so he could expand his casino onto her property. When things did not go his way in court the News ran the headline, "Trumped!" on July 21, 1998.

whites call it "eminent domain"; killing the indians was called "I was afraid for my life", or "I was protecting my family". What about the indians right to do the same. They were called renegades and warriors.

Private Corporations are Using Eminent Domain Laws for Private Gain. NoDAPL! Watch...

Iowa Landowners Sue to Stop Dakota Access Construction, Say Pipeline Provides No Public Service."The Dakota Access pipeline is also facing legal resistance in Iowa, one of four states through which it passes. We go to Des Moines to speak with Bill Hanigan, an attorney representing 15 Iowa landowners who are contesting the project’s use of eminent domain under the guise that it would provide a public service, even as it threatens to pollute the state’s farmland and water supplies."