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ISIS Militants in Syrian Border Town Begin to Retreat After a Monthlong Battle

The advance of Islamic State forces on Kobani, Syria, has stalled as the militants have been forced to retreat on several fronts, shifting the monthlong battle in favor of the Kurdish fighters defending the city.

Mexican president's family faces calls for investigation into Miami apartment

Isis defies coalition air strikes in battle for town on Syria-Turkey border - Pressure piles on Ankara as US-led onslaught drives extremists towards predominantly Kurdish town of Kobani

Zehra, a 25-year-old Kurdish woman who lost her 8-month-old daughter due to a lung infection at a refugee camp, sits with her other daughter inside their home in Kobani, Syria, on Thursday, January 29. Her husband, a fighter from the People's Protection Units, or YPG, stands in the background. After four months of intense fighting, Kurdish Peshmerga forces <a href="" target="_blank">have liberated Kobani</a> from the…

A girl, who fled from the violence in Mosul, carries a case of water at a camp on the outskirts of Arbil in Iraq's Kurdistan region, June 12, 2014.

The flood of refugees who have recently arrived in Turkey, fleeing ISIS offensives in Syria, increased to 130,000 on Monday, the U.N. refugee agency said.

Syrian rebels accuse Kurdish forces of 'ethnic cleansing' of Sunni Arabs

Syrian refugees flee to the Turkish border to escape fighting as Kurdish forces advance to the outskirts of the Syrian town of Tal Abyad, June 14, 2015

'In Iraq, there is no peace for Yazidis'

"When I visited it in 2011, the mountain shrine of Lalish, the most sacred site of the Yazidi faith, was an idyllic place. Today, it is hell on earth. As Islamic State (Isis) forces move into Iraqi Kurdistan they are targeting the Yazidis, whom they consider devil-worshippers. The region is home to more than half a million Yazidis, many of whom are now displaced. Many Yazidi towns, including the largest, Sinjar, are in Isis hands."

After Torture, Ex-Detainee Is Still Captive of ‘The Darkness’

The United States subjected Suleiman Abdullah Salim to harsh tactics in a secret prison and held him without charge for years. He was found not to be a terrorist threat, but he pays a deep price to this day.

By Tuesday afternoon, walking through the city was like strolling through a coal mine, and the air quality index was still hazardous by American standards.