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EN IMAGES. La réplique de la grotte de Chauvet ouvre au public

Paleolithic hand stencils from the cave at Lascaux, France. 25-30,000 years old.

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Let's Stop Assuming The Early Cave Painters Were Dudes

Let’s Stop Assuming The Early Cave Painters Were Dudes Your quick guide to feminist archaeology. Your quick guide to feminist archaeology.

The Dead sea Scrolls. Between 1947 and 1956 Qumran has been the most important archaeological site of the world . In this period a collection of 972 ancient texts in 11 different caves has been found. The majority of them are made of parchment or papyrus, mainly written in Hebrew and Aramaic and few in Greek... It was said that these scrolls also contained the Book of Enoch which tells the story of him being abducted by other-worldly beings.


Black Feminist Archaeology (Paperback)

Feminist Archaeology


Invasion of the Viking women unearthed

Sexist bias in archaelology and history, this happens far too often. Has also happened with Etruscan tombs.

What is INCOMPATIBILISM? What does INCOMPATIBILISM mean? INCOMPATIBILISM meaning & explanation

Archaeology is hard work. You need patience to cope with red tape, dedication to painstakingly record finds at digs – it's also hard physical labour - but One thing I never expected when I set out in this profession is that being a woman would be an issue....

The Venus of Tan Tan - it found in Morocco, period between 300,000 and 500,000 years ago, It was discovered in 1999

Brooklyn Museum: Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base: Susan Grabel