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Bjorn Lomborg: Global priorities bigger than climate change – YouTube

Bjorn Lomborg: Global priorities bigger than climate change – YouTube | Audio Visual Communication Education is the big winner across all demographics, while climate change was the lowest scoring…

Arleatha LISA Washington - District Leader/Beauty Consultant - JAFRA Cosmetics ~ Upscale Skincare, Cosmetics, Body care, and Fragrances. Products for Men, Women, and Children.

Rare Look At Steve Jobs From 1984

(Steve Jobs 1984) Get out of retail, and college, and possibly graduate school... and.... start my career :)

Price:$ 1.83 million DeBeers launched a dear wedding ring, which will remain an unattainable dream for majority of us because of its price of $1.83 million. It has a shiny platinum body with eye catching 9 carat diamond at the center.

As with Al Gore, I'd be much more likely to follow this young man's advice if he followed it himself. But jumping into private, personal jets from private, personal helicopters, leaving a carbon footprint larger than one created by the entire nation combined, doesn't exactly motivate me to park my SUV and never drive it again. So...let's think this through and start over, shall we? - Ronni