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The squares look very ordered not in colour but in the shape the paint was spread across the squares looking like a duck with a long beak in multicolour.

The chess board is ordered but the outside is disordered by some funny looking shapes and disordered colours.

The warrior women in taking control so she is ordered and the dragon is resisting her so her so he is disorder.

The dragons together have a joined destiny good & bad one that is ordered and the other one is disorder trying to work together.

This looks like a half man half worm who is growing up but has not become a whole person so therefore he is ordered at the top and disordered at the bottom.

The green & plants and foliage are natural and ordered but the car is unnatural & disordered because it is not suppose to be there.

An entry from Deaf Moon

Deaf Moon-really really want to make my own massive charcoal to use in drawing as well as sculptural forms in there own right. Contains that jet Black destructive element I try to recreate. I should cover a 3d object with my Ash and Honey mixture, take it off the wall...