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lanedorsey: First look at what Josh Mario John and I shot over the weekend for UK men’s grooming company, Apothecary87! Can’t wait to release more of our killer shoots for apothecary87 © LANE DORSEY, 2014 www.LANEDORSEY.com/

Have a Peaceful Day* Take Care Of Yourself..Your Your Own Best Friend..Love All You 2Much..x

Up to old tricks with @lanedorsey for my friends @lordsofgastown ♠ Beard Balm from @apothecary87 #muskoka

Shot by @lanedorsey for my homies @lordsofgastown @tylermichaelmotorcycle. Such a sick custom vest 🍁☇ The boy @filthy_flawless making sure I always rock the @apothecary87 #muskoka beard balm

One of my favorite looks from the #crystalcouture show @christopherschafer clothier #christopherschafer #mensfashion #menswear #dapper

Who Am I? Finally There Is an Answer to the Eternal Question of Self-Identity | @learningmindcom | learning-mind.com

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