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33 Of The Funniest Quotes On The Internet

I gave him too many chances that it was ridiculous! Don't do that to yourselves people!!! It's not worth it! Take it from an old wise woman...if they won't fight for u or the relationship LET them GO!!!

32 Funny Quotes Sure To Make You Smile

Especially people who barely know you, always shifting positions, have hidden agendas, cannot be happy for you for even the simplest of things, not able to express their love for God freely, always look grumpy and vindictive for minor mistakes....

For the record, I never "assumed" anything was about me. The fact that you had my name posted many times until Pinterest made you remove it, let me know. You have been posting ugly, disgusting attacks on my character for several years now (long before I discovered it was happening). If you don't want the favor returned, stop talking about me and my husband. It's very simple. And why did you assume the crazy delusional stalker I have issue with is you? I don't remember mentioning any names :)