Scroll saw blade storage from DaveInMontana on Lumberjocks.

Scroll Saw Blade Holder. Bigger but easier to deal with than the jar idea?

Blade Caddy - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Blade Caddy

Would work well for beads, needles, craft knife blades or other small sewing/craft items. Blade Caddy - The Woodworker's Shop - American Woodworker

Sandwich-bag small-parts keeper - This is built out of a 3/4-in.-thick scrap of plywood. Start by cutting two pieces of plywood as shown. Draw lines 1 in. apart across the shorter piece with a square, stopping 1 in. from the edge. Now cut along the lines with a jigsaw. Screw the two pieces of plywood together and screw the unit to the wall. Fill resealable bags and slip them into the slots.

12 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Sandwich-bag parts organizer Small parts storage Cut slots in a piece of plywood with a jigsaw. Fill resealable bags with small parts, hardware or craft items and hang them from the slotted plywood.

Zip tie storage in pvc pipes

DIY PVC Pipe Storage Ideas

Clever Cable Tie Organizer Made from PVC Pipe. We use zip ties for everything, but we can never find them! Discover other ways to use PVC pipe. An excellent organizer tool

Small Shop Tips: Sawhorse, Space-Saving & Cheap Storage

Small Shop Tips: Sawhorse, Space-Saving & Cheap Storage

Small Shop Tips - Cheap, Easy Storage - I found a quick, cheap and easy way to store lots of little stuff like biscuits, screws, wood plugs and the like. Drill a hole in the cap of a plastic soda bottle and insert an eyebolt.