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I read she has 22 taxpayer paid assistant and 1 dog handler at tax payer exspense at over $100000 annually. She's the most awful 1st lady ever she hates America and. All we stand for. She disgusts me.she's such a rasict.Mooch-ell-O

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and this is who you want for President??? We are capable of making our own choices.. in hillarycare- if you did not pay your healthcare fees, she would garnish your wages. this could easily happen, if we hire this female to occupy OUR White House remember when this lying pos said, on his watch we would be safe?Trump/photos/a.778387335625033.1073741828.776012409195859/800370420093391/?type=3

The Democrat party was the first political party in the US & they owned slaves & made so much profit from slavery that they fought tooth & nail to keep slavery legal. The Republican party was started to END SLAVERY & the Democratic party continued to put up a fight to keep slavery legal & keep blacks from voting. The Democratic party started the Klu Klux Klan to frighten & intimidate blacks & those white sympathizers. Republican party is not racist. That is the party that freed the black…

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Chelsea Clinton doesn't "care about money", because she never has to worry about money. Hill & Bill take in $200,000+ for a speaking engagement... YET, CEO's of companies are ridiculed for their pay. Embedded image permalink