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It’s never too early for kids to learn how solar power can be converted into motion. The Solar Bug Kit from Brown Dog Gadgets lets kids create and paint their own bug before setting it in the sun to harness solar power.


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Cool Outrageous Stuff: September 2016

Instantly run any device you have on solar energy with Sunport. No solar panels required! Discover the science behind this eco-friendly gadget

Tired of using a big chain to lock your bike? Check out Skylock’s Solar Bike Lock. Keyless, electronic and only 12 hours of sunlight needed to charge this lock for 6 months! Read more:

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Solar Chargers

The FatCat Solstice 2.5 ($100) unfolds to reveal two solar panels and packs the largest-capacity battery, which is two to three times the size of that of an average cell phone.


SunJack: Portable Solar Charger 14W

This 14 watt solar tablet charger, discovered by The Grommet, is a high-efficiency solar device charger that powers phones and tablets at wall-socket speed.

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Cool Outrageous Stuff: August

Six different products that make green living that much easier - solar back pack, water alarm clock, flat lunch box, key chains, soy crayons and eco glasses. Check them out here:

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Cool Outrageous Stuff: July 2014

The Rugged Rukus Sound System by @EtonCorporation is solar-panel-powered and can also charge your smartphone.

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Cool Outrageous Stuff: June 2015

It’s officially summer in Arizona and the only way to escape the heat is to head up north for some R&R in the forest. For your next camping trip, ditch the gas canister and pack BioLite’s CampStove Bundle instead!