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Alpha Sig 1970 ,St. Norbert College Greek alphabet - with mouthful of crackers - all before the match flame burnt out...

Complete Grade 5 Ontario Social Studies Inquiry-Based Unit (Heritage)

Heritage and Identity: First Nations and Europeans In New France and Early Canada Stop worrying about how to meet the demanding new Ontario Social Studies curriculum. This unit is a comprehensive collection of developmentally appropriate research for your students, along with built in assessments that meet all of the overall expectations.

Free History Printables

FREE Middle Ages Comparison Activity. Compare and contrast the life of a serf with the life of a nobleman! Great starting point for feudalism!

Glad to be in Grade 3. (Or, any grade, I suppose.) "I really want to learn about...; I wish we could...; I'm wondering about...; I'm nervous about..." Awesome idea to give you some insight into your kiddos at the beginning of the year. =)