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The latest Tweets from Konstantino Floridis (@xartopontikas). Biologist. work in a Hospital (biochemist analysis in Medicine). I also teach Biochemistry .Interests: Politics,Science,Internet,pets,. Greece

exotic shorthair kittens - if i owned this cat, i would NEVER be able to stop laughing when i look at him. I mean. Come on, that face is hilariously adorable.

The Cutest Smushed-Faced Cats on Instagram

I'm not really a cat person, but I have to say, this is pretty frickin' cute.

* * CAT SNIP: The most exotic of all the point variations, the Lynx Point Siamese looks like a cross between a Meezer and a tiger, even though the hybrid kittens were probably the of a chance encounter between a Siamese and a striped tabby. The Lynx Point is now well established, producing stunning cats with the charming personality Siamese personality.

Which Cat Should Be Yours Based On Your Lifestyle?

Are you better suited to a fluffy, pampered princess or a rough and tumble tomcat?

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