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The stainless steel soap dispenser appears in a matt finish. �It is a very practical accessory for the bathroom. �

8 Affordable Essentials for a First Bathroom — Product Roundup

8 Affordable Essentials for a First Bathroom -- I especially like # 4, Countertop Organizer Set: Consider getting a matching set of soap dish, toothbrush holder and pump to reduce visual clutter. I like to get a refillable liquid soap pump and then keep a giant refill rather than always buying the individual use options. LIMMAREN 4-piece bathroom set, $12.99 from IKEA

JACKALOPE COTTON BALL HOLDER Here comes the mystical Jackalope- pull his tail when you are in need of a cotton ball! The ceramic Jackalope has a removable head to put your coiled cotton into, he also appears to have gilded horns that can be used as a ring or other jewelry holder. $20.00 #jackalope #housewares

Dragon TP holder. I wonder if also doubles as a fire-breathing Chamber pot [seat] warmer, for those colder mornings in the castle?

Home Remedies Skin Care Learn more about the natural health benefits of which home remedies kit serves you with amazing nutrition facts that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but the minds at NYCLimit seem to have come up with a way to do it with this Floss Dispenser. Designed to distribute floss out the back end of a pup, this bathroom companion provides additional meaning to cleaning your canines. An attached cutter lets you pull out any desired length and a suction cup at the front is placed strategically to make it appear that the dental dog’s derriere is coming out of your bathroom wall.

Lol, never thought about putting in my mouth something from a dog's butt before :) ... Floss Dispenser Blue by NYCLimit @ $14.00

Whether as a stocking stuffer for the naughty person in your life, or a creepy cleansing buddy, Krampus soap is guaranteed to get noticed!Krampus is a mythical figure in the Alpine regions of Europe who accompanies Saint Nicholas, only instead of rewarding children with gifts he dispenses punishment and terrifies wicked boys and girls. Exceptionally naughty children may find themselves whipped with switches and stuffed into his sack to be devoured later. Krampus appears as a Sat...