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It is currently 12:55 and I have finished re-watching Free, and Yuri on Ice, i want to go outside and be athletic and shout WHAT A LIFE

"Spread happiness where you go and brighten the darkest of days.." || Anime : Yuri!!! On Ice || Edited by Karunase ||

I honestly had to look up if it was real and ended up listening to the entire thing

You can't sell dreams to someone who has walked through nightmares, text, sad, Anime girl; Anime

i was immediately distracted when i saw the words "Ice Boy" I could just hear Newton Pittman's (Gray Fullbuster DUB) voice in my head shouting "DONT CALL ME THAT!" like when Sugarboy kept calling Gray "Ice Boy" in Edolas lmao

Nobody is perfect, I'm nobody, so I'm perfect, text, funny, Amagi Brilliant Park, Seiya Kanie; Anime