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Whenever He Goes Diving, This Shark Comes To Cuddle With Him (This Has Been Going On For 7 Years)

Aww, poor Donnie. Everyone is so unfair to the billionaire narcissistic megalomaniac. I can't imagine how hard life is for him!!

The POTUS' last public address (Jan2017) before his last days in office.. The sweetest part of the speech ever was when tears were shed when he talked about his love and appreciation for his wife.. The love support and love of his children.. so touching....💘💖💖

Yeah it's him || Haikyuu season 3 anime sport

Not a Sasku+Sakura fan, but this art is so cute!

Not a Sasku+Sakura fan, but this art is so cute!

I admit, at the beginning of the episode I was pissed, thinking that he had already moved on to Elizabeth. Then when I heard her voice, I was shocked. But this.... this just broke my heart for him. Poor John

I swear to god, Greg one day you'll have harem of alien wives.

*draws a cat eating a pancake* this is for you Gerard