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German Graf Zeppelin ~ The Hindenburg departed from Frankfurt on the evening of May 3, 1937 on the first of its ten round trips between Europe and the United States scheduled for its second year of commercial service.

A group of engine mechanics gather on the access catwalk for engine car #3 as the Hindenburg is led out on March 26, 1936, in preparation for a three-day propaganda flight over Germany. Engine car #1 is in the background, positioned lower on the hull to avoid the slipstream from the forward engine. (photo courtesy of the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmBH Archive)

Am-Flughafen zeppelin ( sadly too volatile gas used in the Hindenburg era / we would travel by Zeppelin today if designers had waited for modern technology with much safer gases / but the Hindenburg disaster put paid to that as such negative press coverage ensured Zeppelins would be mothballed / but contemporary designs are achieving gr8 success now and the future for air travel ( especially when fuel gets in short supply in the near future ) so you may yet go on holiday in one or your son…

Watching the landscape drift by at 70 miles an hour, a few hunded feet up. There was no vibration or jerkiness on a zepplin; no passenger was ever recored as having airsickness.