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Why the new royal baby will be a prince or princess

All change: The new royal line of succession sees Prince Harry bumped to fifth following the princess' birth

Oh my gosh this is so cute. They are all waving at her and she's waving back.

Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II. When I was very young, these two woman ran my country. I thought the hair and the handbag were part of the ruling uniform.

Does she EVER stop? The Queen, 89, pays visit to Lancaster Castle

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the current Duke of Lancaster 29 May 2015

49 Facts Every Die-Hard Fan of the British Royal Family Should Know

How much do you really know about the royal family? Did you know Prince William once stood up Britney Spears or that a famed musician wrote an official lullaby for Prince Harry? With a mix of royal etiquette issues, information about their royal titles,

HM The Queen So, seriously, are her outfits planned a year in advance for the ALL to coordinate to the minutest detail? Truly incredible!