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Rose Gold Hoop Earrings - Charming Charlie

Precious Spark Necklace | Necklaces | charming charlie

Charming Charlie's!!! The best jewelry and accessory store ever. Arranged by color, it is so fun to shop there.

charming charlie | What's the Occasion Earring Trio | UPC: 450900273361 #charmingcharlie

charming charlie | Luster Cluster Earrings | UPC: 410007154482 #charmingcharlie

Rose gold Sanblast bracelet from Charming Charlie- $10

charming charlie | Leader of the Band Bracelet | UPC: 450900467616 #charmingcharlie

charming charlie | Sandblast Rhinestone Ring Set | UPC: 5090041272 #charmingcharlie

charming charlie | Chain of Sparkle Bracelet | UPC: 450900358877 #charmingcharlie What I'm going to buy with my valentines dAy giftcard from last feb!