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I wonder how portable these are...maybe I can move them around the yard to catch more sunlight.
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Infographic: Cheating Your Way to Successful Urban Farming
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Here's four stories from across the planet of growing mushrooms in the city, using waste products and offcuts to make nutrient dense food. Great examples of growing where you live, using what's around you to nourish your community.
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Grow Where You Are: We have the power to change the way we eat—starting in our own backyards.
Mind Your Dirt Urban Backyard Chicken Costs Pinterest Infographic. The actual costs and profits of raising urban backyard chickens will surprise you! The price of chicken feed and bedding is nowhere near what you can get from the eggs, manure and compost material! Check it out! Also, enjoy this awesome pinterest infographic...
Urban Farming: How to Turn a 1/3 Acre Garden into a $75,000 Yearly Income!
antonio scarponi combines urban farming with industrial rooftops (Designboom)