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34 Famous Quotes to Bookmark

Omgosh, I love this! So true. Riding (if done the right way), can also bring so much happiness from a horse's perspective too. Studies have shown that horses enjoy human interaction and bonding through gentle riding and positive sports that encourage better equine health - horses need both physical and mental stimulation, but it needs to be done with their best interests at heart. Riding is okay, as long as they do not feel like it is 'work' - but rather play and bonding.

Tattoo by Mark Stewart - Four Aces Tattoo, Aldinga Beach, South Australia - 8556 5467 Frangipani flower, stars and filigree done in black and pink down side

Im about to run to Six, but stop. At my feet, in a solid chunk of ice, is Eights body. As I realize what Ive done, the air around me begins to warm up. I kneel down and press my hands to the sheet of melting ice that separates me from Eight. I want to take him with us away from the Mogadorians. Six is shouting at me and the Mogs are closing in. Im sorry," I whisper, feeling numb all over. I race to Six and grab her outstretched hand. We turn invisible. The Fall of Five, chapter thirty-six

Tattoo by Mark Stewart of Four Aces Tattoo in Aldinga Beach, South Australia. New school style candy skull with pink rose and tiara done on the upper inner arm as part of a girly themed sleeve

The five dots, sometimes known as the quincunx, represents time done in prison. The four dots on the outside represent the four walls, and the dot on the inside represents the prisoner.