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He held her in his arms as she died, he watched as she choked and gasped on blood. And when she stilled and her eyes stared into nothingness did he finally rise. With bloodied hands he marched into battle. For her. This time. @ProfessorPigeon

Night notebook-sketchbook with a carved pattern - constellation "Ursa Major" - set of 3 notebook (small size) by TheTwentyFingers on Etsy

Drunk Artist,Orange Aesth,Sparkle Boy,Jeremiah Lovelace,Oc


Hi, I'm Ben, I drink a lot of Tea and Coffee and I'm cool because I'm English. I like Video Games and Music: Radiohead, Pavement, Bon Iver, The Smiths, Bright Eyes, Cloud Nothings, Elliott Smith

percy -- stillskin: angel (do not reproduce w/out my permission or use as your own. Thank you)