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He held her in his arms as she died, he watched as she choked and gasped on blood. And when she stilled and her eyes stared into nothingness did he finally rise. With bloodied hands he marched into battle. For her. This time. @ProfessorPigeon

nonuiuunt: “nihilophany: “Aggression and human violence have marked the progress of our civilization. Walter Burkert, Homo Necans: the Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth page ”

Character: Jay has dimples. And eyes that crinkle up when he laughs. And nostrils that flare up when he's angry. His hands are very busy; they move in different ways depending on his moods...Tapping pencils when he's bored, rapping the beat of whatever song is in his head when he's hyperactive, adjusting his shirt when he's nervous, scratching his neck or his arm when he's ashamed, covering his mouth when he's worried.